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ESOL and Computer Skills

Qualification: Ascentis Award
Level 1

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About this course

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This course is an Essential Digital Skills (computer skills) course with ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) at Level 1.

It is 2 hours a week.

* Great news... if you're aged 19 or over and earning less than £20,319 a year (gross salary), you may not have to pay for this course. Apply online now!

Important Notice

Please note that all classes and courses are subject to minimum numbers. If there are too few enrolments, the College may cancel the class. A place on your chosen course is not confirmed until enrolment is complete.

For more information, or if you need help applying for an ESOL course with City College, please email or come in to see us. 

You will use devices, handle information, create and edit word and excel documents. You will look at how to communicate online, develop skills to transact safely online and finally you will explore how to be responsible online. You will also be able to study ESOL at the same time as you will learn vocab relating to computers and produce written work on a device.

There is a practical assessment for 2 hours and 5 minutes and a knowledge assessment for 35 minutes. These are taken within 10 days of each other. You can retake if you need.

Ideally you will have completed E3 EDS so you will already be confident with creating and editing word documents and know how to use a desktop or laptop, know how to open a document or app, update an account, interact with the home screen, open a browser and use a mouse. You will have an assessment on a computer to test your ability.

You will be required to attend an interview prior to enrolling onto the course.

You can progress to other IT courses.