Computer Aided Design: AutoCAD Foundation

Qualification: City College Certificate
Level 1

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About this course

The course will use AutoCAD software to introduce you to basic CAD drawing and models, leading onto the more advanced levels. It will enable you to produce engineering drawings, parts, models and assemblies of engineering components.

What you will learn

2D drawing topics covered include:

  • Accessing the software
  • Creating and using blocks
  • Creating and using prototype drawings
  • Drawing lines, arcs and circles
  • Use of layers and text
  • Hatching and dimensioning
  • Formatting system variables
  • Text and dimension styles
  • Editing existing drawings

 3D modelling topics covered include:

  • Producing part sketches
  • Producing and developing models
  • Producing assemblies
  • Animating assemblies
  • Producing drawings from the parts, models and assemblies

This course is not a qualification however the course would provide a platform for learners to go and complete a recognised qualification.

Entry requirements

You will need to have a good understanding and skill in using general IT packages, plus a technical drawing background is an advantage.

What next?

Level 1 Award in Parametric Modelling (7689-01)