Curtain up on City College’s Macbeth

Published: 16th June 2016

Published by City College Southampton

All hail, Macbeth is set to take centre stage in an open air production by City College Southampton students. 

Shakespeare’s famous Scottish tragedy promises murder and mayhem when it plays outside The Hub Theatre on 29 and 30 June. Audience members are invited to bring drinks and a picnic - and to wrap up warm for the evening performances.

Performing arts student Tamazyn-Zoe Hamilton will take the lead as Macbeth; Alice Field plays his wife Lady Macbeth; Charlotte Churchill is Banquo, Alex Moss is MacDuff, Katherine Harding, Katy Manners and Suzanne Martin are The Three Weird Sisters, and David Westgate is King Duncan.

The students are all in their second year of the Level 3 Diploma in Performing Arts and their rehearsals have included sword-fighting choreography and firearm training in order to recreate immense battle scenes.

Head of performing arts and the play’s director, Ian Rowsell, said: “Macbeth is one of the most iconic plays by Shakespeare and the story has been adapted time and time again all around the world.

“For the Performing Arts students, it is a huge experience and offers a different role for everyone, especially as our lead, Tamazyn-Zoe Hamilton, is a woman playing Macbeth.

“We’ve decided to perform outside The Hub in traditional open air theatre and true Shakespearian style, it promises to be a dark and exciting production.”

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