City College hosts staff from Jersey’s Highlands College

Published: 22nd March 2016

Published by City College Southampton

Last week (17th March), City College Southampton welcomed teachers from Highlands College, Jersey.

Staff at City College, Sue Banting and Julie Peterkin, hosted guests from Jersey’s college of further and higher education as part of a partnership between the organisations that aims to share outstanding experiences and resources.

Highlands College teachers were greeted by staff on Thursday morning, where they discussed the similarities and differences between further education in Jersey and Southampton. They also compared between teacher training and staff development offered between the two establishments.

Discussions concerning the excellent support provided by City College were held before guests were invited to the Learning Centre, where Jose LopezBlanco, Learning Centre coordinator, demonstrated the extensive resources enjoyed by staff and students alike.


The morning session culminated in a tour of the campus followed by lunch in the college’s on-site training restaurant, after which the visitors ventured off to explore their curriculum areas, such as engineering, art and design, ESOL, construction, hospitality, health and social care, with the corresponding Southampton college staff.

One of the trainee teachers said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff involved in the curriculum areas. We were in awe of the facilities and resources at City College.”

Principal, Sarah Stannard, said: “We are thrilled to have hosted teachers from Highlands College. City College Southampton is proud of its fantastic resources and experienced staff and we are pleased to be able to share some of our skills with fellow colleges.

“The day was a great success and we hope it marks the start of partnerships with many other further and higher education colleges.”