Whether you are a business looking to upskill your staff or to give back to the community while inspiring the next generation we are here to support you and your business needs.

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Professional development for your staff

City College has a wealth of experience in providing training services for businesses, from apprenticeships to bespoke training solutions and from short courses to degrees and professionally recognised qualifications, across a range of industry sectors.

We work in partnership with you to develop and upskill your staff to best achieve your business objectives. We offer a 1-2-1 with our workforce skills team to identify your organisation’s skills gaps and training needs.

Cost-effective training for your workforce 

We have access to funding which means courses may be subsidised or even FREE for your business.

Flexible delivery

Our courses are delivered in a variety of ways to suit your business and work patterns; this could be in the evening, in your workplace or through distance learning (meaning your employees don’t even need to come into college!)

Explore the information below to see how we can help you and your business.


To find out more about how apprenticeships can upskill your staff, help you hire a new workforce and support your business flourish please visit our apprenticeship pages here.

Contact us

Contact us now to find out how we can help your business succeed:

Phone: 023 8048 4848
Email: employers@southampton-city.ac.uk

Bespoke training solutions

Bespoke training solutions

We recognise that off-the-shelf training courses may not always be the best solution for your business needs, so we can also offer a bespoke training solutions package. By working closely with you to identify the issues and skills gaps you want to address, we can then design and develop appropriate training solutions.

Our bespoke training courses are competitively priced and we may also be able to help you to access funding, which means courses may be subsidised or even FREE for your business.

Examples of training solutions recently delivered:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Leadership & Management
  • Electrical Installation 18th Edition
  • Fabrication & Welding
  • Hospitality Supervision
  • HNC in Engineering
  • Retail & Warehousing

Contact us

Contact us now to find out how we can help your business succeed:

Phone: 023 8048 4848
Email: employers@southampton-city.ac.uk

Continual professional development (CPD)

Continual professional development (CPD)

Our distance learning courses are currently FREE and are ideal for your employees’ continuing professional development. They can be completed anywhere and in their own time, around work shifts and family life. With our distance learning courses, your employees don’t even need to come into college to enroll! 

Distance Learning Courses

English and maths

If you have staff that need to develop their reading, writing and/or numeracy skills, we can support with basic English and maths courses at no cost to you or your business.

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Contact us now to find out how we can help your business succeed:

Phone: 023 8048 4848
Email: employers@southampton-city.ac.uk

Redundancy support

Redundancy support

We can also support your business through any redundancy, company reorganisation and employability situations. We have funding available to support you and your workforce
with skills support.

To find out more about this service please contact us:

Phone: 023 8048 4848
Email: employers@southampton-city.ac.uk

Business partnerships with the college

City College’s mission is to enable our students to be ready for work and to help employers develop the skilled workforce they need to be successful. To achieve this we need to work closely with businesses and employers across the region to hear what your organisation needs.

We also partner with businesses within course support which can include guest lectures and talks about your industry, practical demonstrations, workplace visits and much more.

To find out how you can help, please read the information below and contact us directly by phoning 023 8048 4848 or emailing employers@southampton-city.ac.uk.

Work Experience & Industry Placements

A work experience or industry placement can range from 37 hours (one week) to 315 hours (45-60 days) over a year. Through these programmes, students will gain work-related skills and a chance to apply what has been learnt in college to the industry.

Our students may contact you directly to enquire, or we may get in touch as a college. Once a date has been agreed upon, we will provide you with the relevant information and their Work Experience pack.

Employers who can provide a placement will be risk assessed to ensure they provide a safe working environment and proactively promote equality and diversity.

Benefits to your business

  • Young people can bring a whole new energy, enthusiasm and perspective to your business
  • Provides existing staff with the opportunity to develop their supervisory or mentoring skills
  • Good recruitment strategy – an excellent work experience student is often taken on by the employer
  • Improves knowledge of careers available in your sector
  • Receive additional resources for a period of time without any financial cost
  • Raises the profile of your company in the local community

Contact us

If you are interested in partnering with us for these placements please reach out to us on the following

Phone: 023 8048 4848
Email: work.experience@Southampton-city.ac.uk

Supported internships

Supported Internships

A supported internship is designed to assist those with physical or learning difficulties to achieve regular paid employment by giving them the skills they need through learning in the workplace.

Young people on our Supported Internship programme are aged 16–24 and are supported by a job coach and an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

They participate in an extended work placement as part of their programme of study as well as have access to funding to help make reasonable adjustments that may be necessary.

The placement should be fulfilling a real business need of yours and utilise the strengths and abilities of the intern. We will work closely with you to ensure a good match between you, your business and the intern.

Benefits to your business

  • Acting as an extended working interview, the placement allows you time to get to know the participant and to recognise each other’s strengths
  • An enhanced ethical corporate image. Research has found customers
    appreciate and are more favourable using companies that hire people with disabilities
  • For an average business, 20% of customers are disabled. A workforce that reflects the diversity of its customers and community is good for business
  • Current staff can be given mentoring or ‘buddy’ responsibilities, improving their own skills and improving motivation
  • The intern may be able to undertake additional training at no cost to you

To find out more about supported internships phone: 023 8048 4848 or email: supported.internship@southampton-city.ac.uk

Other ways to help

Curriculum development

Employer input to our curriculum is essential to ensure that our courses are current, relevant, and meeting employer needs. 

You can also contribute to the following:

  • Expert speaker talks
  • Professional demonstrations
  • Workplace/site visits
  • Briefing student projects
  • Exhibiting at careers events
  • Sponsoring student awards

If you would like to be involved please get in touch with us by phoning 023 8048 4848 or emailing employers@southampton-city.ac.uk.