Students learn the secrets of freerunning

Published: 15th December 2015

Published by City College Southampton

Students at City College Southampton got the chance to leap and soar as part of a freerunning and Parkour session with a star of a James Bond film.

Sebastien Foucan created freerunning in the 1980s which involves running and leaping across urban terrain. Since then he has gone on to star in numerous films including the opening scene of Casino Royale with Daniel Craig. He has also designed a freerunning section of the new Oxygen Freejumping park which opens this month and encourages beginners to get into the high-octane sport.

He taught some groups of full-time students at City College the basics of freerunning. Mr Foucan said: “The students really seemed to enjoy it and it is important for everyone to be active. They were a bit scared at first that they were going to hurt themselves but when I showed them how to do it they became more relaxed and they really liked it.”

Alex Moss, 18, a City College performing arts student, took part in the workshop and said: “I am definitely doing that again! The whole morning was so well organised and Sebastien is such a pro, he took the time to make each one of us feel safe and confident.”

Matt Ray, Sports tutor at City College, added: “The workshop has been a fantastic learning experience. It was great to see the students’ progression over the session and to watch Sebastien engage with them all individually.”