Collage showing students working on a wooden building frame, bricklaying and soldering a copper pipe

Construction Workshops

Real-life working environments for all construction crafts

City College students benefit from specially designed and fully-equipped workshops for each construction craft area which provides realistic working environments and enable students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge effectively and safely.

Brick workshops

Students and a teacher work on a hollow, square brick pillar

A student places a brick into a decorative pattern that he is creating at the top of a wall

A student and teacher work on decorative brick wall in large workshop

Carpentry & joinery workshops

Students work on a large scale model of roof joists

A student uses a circular saw

A student works at a work bench examining a long piece of timber

Painting & decorating workshops

Students lay wallpaper out on a pasting table

A student hangs wallpaper matching up a decorative pattern

A student uses stencils to paint a floor

Heating & ventilation / plumbing workshop

A student works with spanners on a large water tank

A student works on an engineering machine

A student in protective clothing works up a ladder on pipes that run along the ceiling

Electrical workshop

Students use monitors to test a circuit of electrical plug sockets

Students work on various electrical circuits

A student wires up a board with a fire alarm system