Understanding the IQA of Assessment Processes & Practice

Qualification: City & Guilds Award
Level 4

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About this course

You will learn about the role of the IQA, how to plan for the IQA process, sampling and judging evidence for quality, legal requirements and standardisation policies that are associated with the internal quality assurance of the assessment process.

You will be expected to attend 3 sessions within a classroom environment for a three hour duration as part of the internal quality assurance training. 

What you will learn

You will have two units to complete, one which assesses your knowledge (Unit 401) and the other which assesses your competence as an internal quality assurer (IQA), (Unit 402). You will be allocated an assessor to work with you on a flexible basis.

Learning style

This qualification is ideally suited to you if you like to learn on the job.  There will be some reflective practice when analysing yourself.


There are no exams. You will need to answer a variety of questions to demonstrate your knowledge of quality assurance procedures to complete the knowledge unit.

Unit 401 is a knowledge based unit which will require you to complete several questions in written format as a question and answer, to include an explanation of how you relate the knowledge to your own experiences.


Unit 402 is a practical unit which uses your assessments and feedback as evidence for your portfolio.  You will need to assess and support at least two assessors to ensure they are providing a quality service to their candidates.  You will be observed on at least two occasions with each of your assessors.  You will need to organise at least two standardisation meetings with your assessor team and develop procedures that strengthen the quality of assessment practices.    

Entry requirements

In order to understand the role of the assessor and how you can support them, you will need to have completed your Assessor award.  You will also need to be able to work at level 4, and be able to support two assessors and set up standardisation meetings.

You will be required to attend an interview at the College prior to enrolling onto the course.

What next?

You can progress to the Certificate of IQA if you are responsible for a team of assessors and their workload.  You can progress to the Education and Training Diploma if you are teaching for over 100 hours over two years.