Qualification: IELTS Certificate
Level 2

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About this course

IELTS is an academic English course which prepares students to take IELTS for further studies at university. Typically candidates need to get 6.0 or higher to get in to university depending on their chosen subject. The university you apply to will be able to give you more specific advice.

We follow a course book but also with lots of supplementary materials to extend on what is practised. Course fees do not include exam fees and enrolment.

What you will learn

The course covers the four skills areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking and IELTS topics such as work, environment, health, modern lifestyles, technology, architecture, art using IELTS specific materials and tasks. Academic writing is practised and it is expected that learners will complete 2 or more assignments a week. It is quite intensive in that there will be speaking and discussions in class to activate passive knowledge and extra grammar exercises and reading and writing will be done at home.

Learning style

A variety of approaches are used to help you learn as much as possible on the course. Our courses tend to be very communicative and encourage you to actively use the stuctures, vocabulary and topics we cover in class. We also use VLE and a number of useful websites to keep your interest.


You will be invited in to College to have an assessment and a one to one interview. This will include doing some writing in English, a short test followed by an interview. 

Entry requirements

You will be given a level test and a one to one interview to assess if this is the right course for you. If you have already taken IELTS, please bring in your certificate with you. This will help us support you more specifically to get the score you need. Also, please talk to your chosen university about the IELTS score they expect you to get. We then know what we are aiming for and can tailor the course to meet your goals.

What next?

You may want to enrol on one of the other IELTS courses listed or go on to further studies at University.

Additional information

You need to take the IELTS exam at a recognised centre at extra cost you cannot take the test in college. The nearest IELTS exam centre is The University of Southampton: 

Useful websites:

You will need a notebook and pen and an IELTS coursebook, usually about £25.

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