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Construction & Built Environment


Anthony Andrews achieved L1 and L2 and has now secured an apprenticeship with Mitie Property Services
Jamie Fall achieved triple distinctions and has gone on to study architecture at DeMontford University in Leicester

Are you good with your hands and technically minded? Would you like to learn a trade? Are you interested in design?


A skills shortage within the UK construction industry indicates that new recruits will be needed year on year as the industry expands and modernises and its skilled workers retire. Job opportunities vary from the self-employed tradesperson to working for national house builders. It is a fast moving industry that offers many jobs to both men and women.


Trades such as bricklaying, joinery, plumbing or painting and decorating may appeal to you. Skilled trades people can earn up to £25k per year.


If you aspire to construction management or civil engineering then you should also possess an interest in science and mathematical principles in addition to having fantastic communication skills. Construction managers can earn £40k+.


A career in building services engineering will involve learning to design and project manage all of the mechanical and electrical elements that need to be installed in to any building (e.g. lighting, heating, water supplies and drainage) once the Architect and Structural Engineer has designed it.


Example careers

Bricklayer, carpenter, joiner, painter, decorator, plumber, electrician, site manager, surveyor, civil engineer, building services engineer, architect


Specialist facilities

We have specially designed workshops for each craft area which provide realistic working environments. You will also gain real experience by working on local community and industry projects.