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Learner Voice

The most important person to our college is you, the learner. You are at the centre of all we do, and  we need you to tell us what we do well and what we can do better.

We are committed to improving our service to our learners through consultation. We believe that learners:


  • are key to improving the business
  • provide highly valuable feedback


What we plan to do?

  • Visit tutorials every half term
  • Recruit class representatives
  • Hold learning voice conferences


What have we already done?


  • Provided suggestion boxes and suggestion cards
  • Organised regular interaction with learners
  • Encouraged secret shopping
  • Run focus groups
  • Gathered survey information through City Vox


Make a difference

Here are a few things our students have suggested to improve their experience


Students said 'we need WiFi access in the college'

We have installed WiFi in the Hub


Students said 'we need more computers in college'

We made sure that the new building included extra self-study areas with computer access


Students said 'we need more comfy seating areas around college'

We made sure that the new buildings contained areas with comfy seating


Students said that 'some computers are old and out of date'

We  have a rolling programme to update IT and we have  installed lots of new equipment across college


Students said 'smoking in front of college makes the college look bad'

We are encouraging students and staff  smokers to  use only designated areas of college and also participate in No Smoking day every year in March


Students said 'We needed an easier admissions process'

We have improved the joining and admissions processs and introduced an online application form


Students said 'We need to improve our communication with students'

We now keep students up-to-date using the Student Intranet


Students said 'We need more lunch-time activities'

We have built a games room and regularly set up lunch time clubs


Students said 'Giving feedback in formal board meetings is daunting'

We now run informal lunch-time drop-in sessions for students to have their say


Students said 'We need more opportunities to gain work-experience in college'

We have introduced a work experience programme for several curriculum areas and are currently developing more