HNC Diploma in Health and Social Care


Level 4
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About the course:

This exiting new qualification can be studied JUST ONE DAY a week for one year.This programme is designed for those who want to develop their knowledge in Health and Social Care.  This will enable learners to progress in their organisation and improve their ability to move onto Higher Education.  Work experience of at least 200 hours will be expected as a mandatory requirement to pass the course.  This can be voluntary or paid work for those already in employment in an appropriately related work area. Learners can fund themselves in a number of ways including a Career Development Loan and Adult Learning through Learn Direct.  Information about these schemes is available from the College.  Learners are expected to produce a work journal and reflective diary which will need to be completed and signed by an appropriate manager or supervisor from the work setting.  Hours will be recorded and monitored through an allocated workplace mentor.  There will be a variety of teaching staff who have expertise in different areas to both teach and guide you through the programme.

Success Story:

We continually update our information about student success.  Emma Russell was a student on the BTEC Subsidiary Diploma who progressed to the Extended Diploma in 2010-11.  She entered her first year of Higher Education studying a nursing programme at the University of Southampton in 2011.  Emma was a model student, enthusiastic and committed and was in receipt of an award at the annual College Awards evening in 2011.  The reason why we have so many successful students is evident from the report made by Ofsted in March 2011.  Some of their comments are as follows:

"Teachers are very experienced and enthusiastic"

"Technology is used very effectively to support learning"

"Leadership and management are good"

"Interesting activities are well planned to inspire and challenge students and are linked appropriately to workplace activities"

"92% of all lessons in Health and Social Care and Early Years are good or better"

Course Content:

There are 7 mandatory core units each with a credit value of 15.  The units are as follows:

1 Communicating in Health and Social Care Organisations

2 Principles of Health and Social Care Practice (this is level 5)

3 Health and Safety in the Health and Social Care Workplace

4 Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social Care

5 Working in Partnership in Health and Social Care (this is level 5)

11 The Role of Public Health in Health and Social Care

12 Physiological Principles for Health and Social Care

In addition there will be a further specialist unit with a 15 credit value to be advised by the tutor.

Entry Requirements/Qualifications:

Learners will normally be working in the Health and Social Care Sector, or have finished a programme of study and wish to work part time but be able to progress onto Higher Education without having to go to University. Those candidates who have not been accepted for University this year or who have changed their mind will be considered. This course offers the benefits of HE study whilst allowing the learner to work part time, counting the work experience towards the hours required for this course. We would expect learners to have completed a level 3 programme i.e. BTEC Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care with a good result of at least a merit.   An A level or 2 AS levels in appropriate subjects will be considered or equivalent qualifications.  Ideally candidates should have 5 GCSEs at A-C level or equivalent although more importantly for those who do wish to progress to HE will need to have English and Maths GCSE at C level or above.  An interview and screening process will take place during the summer months.  An expression of interest can be made to the College and arrangements for interview to be advised.  Candidates will be expected to attend a mandatory induction day prior to starting the course.  Please check this website for updates.

Learning Style:

Learning styles determine the best way in which you learn. Some prefer to read and look at visual material known as visual learners, others will rather listen to spoken words or music that conveys a message. We refer to them as auditory learners. Many learners who want to work in a practical setting are `hands on` or are referred to tactile kinaesthetic learners. Through a simple activity and questionnaire we identify the preferred style and as teachers it informs the way in which we deliver our lessons to encompass all the different learning styles. After all, you may be equally more than one and lessons that underpin knowledge need to appeal to the way in which you learn to maximise your potential to internalise all the information that is presented to you. There are lots of ways to help you including a software programme used here at City College. It is called ClaroRead and it enables you to change the colour of the font, the background, the size of the text and many other features. For those of you who want to proof read your work, there is a function that will read back your work to you! Just one of many exciting ways that we use to help you to learn and retain that information.

Equipment Requirements:

A folder to gather a port folio of evidence which will be required, stationery items and a lap top can be used with our Wi-Fi equipment. Memory USB sticks are available from the College Shop.  Laptops can be brought in for student's use - our IT department will advise on passwords to access relevant programmes.  All students need to be able to access the Internet outside of their timetabled programme.


This is a new programme for academic year 2012 - 13.  Learners will need to provide evidence in their portfolios and assessment is continuous.  Formative feedback will be given by the tutor and learners can continually improve in their study.  There are also strategies in place to help candidates in their learning programmes through a range of software programmes including Claro Read which is detailed in Learning Styles - details about this software available during enrolment.  All work is moderated internally and scrutinised by the awarding body for this qualification, Edexcel.


Learners may opt to go onto University or use the opportunity to further their career in their organisations.  City College has good links with HE Institutions as well as employers.  Please visit the College to find out what the possiblities are for your career development.

Additional Information:



Enrolment Instructions:

Please express your interest now. You can find out more at our Adult Learners events.  Please check local press and radio for details.  Interest in this course is high.  Ensure you are not disappointed by making your enquiry now.  We will be interviewing during the summer term to identify suitable candidates.  This is a new course and information will be added to this page as it becomes available so please check regularly for updates.  Please contact the Programme Leader for this course, Andy Smith on 07919 212932 who will be pleased to discuss the course and provide any addtional information not shown here.

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