Marine Construction, Systems Engineering & Maintenance

City & Guilds - Certificate

Level 2
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  B03046-1516 001 09:00
 Mon   1,300.00   200.00   
  B03046-1516 003 09:00
 Mon   1,300.00   200.00   
  B03046-1617   •   Fee Enquiry   

About the course:

You'll gain a thorough knowledge of yacht and boat construction - including assembly and sub-assembly, hull construction, installation and fitting out, and marine propulsion systems. You will learn at college in an appropriately equipped classroom.


Assessment will include online tests and assignments.

Course Content:

Introduction to the marine industry


Principles of boatbuilding technology


Marine engineering processes and principles


This qualification is assessed by a combination of online multiple choice tests and centre and marked assignments covering practical skills and underpinning knowledge. 


There will be a need for learners to build a portfolio of evidence that records their achievements.

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